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Ruth Searle PhD

This Marine Biology course aims to give a comprehensive grounding in the fascinating subject of life in the sea. 

Throughout the 10 fully illustrated modules, the learner will experience and learn about many aspects of oceanography and marine biology such as how oceans are born and die and how life began and evolved in the sea over the past 4 million years. 

The ocean is looked at as an ecological habitat and the amazing evolutionary adaptations of aquatic animals to the harsh marine environment. The course explores the ocean habitats from the poles to the equator and from the sunlit surface of the sea to the deep, dark depths of the ocean. Finally the human impact and influence on the marine ecosystem is discussed.

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MARINE ZOOLOGY: advanced level 3

Ruth Searle PhD

This Marine Zoology Course gives students a thorough grounding in the subject of marine life from the evolution of life in the oceans to the amazing adaptations to the harsh marine environment.

It covers marine invertebrates and vertebrates from the smallest zooplankton to the largest animals that ever lived and explores how all marine life is linked within food webs.

The course covers the extraordinary marine adaptations of animals living in the sea and discusses the threats to marine life and how we can conserve our oceans.

This Advanced Level 3 Diploma course is suitable for anyone with an interest in marine life and is valuable preparation for anyone wishing to pursue a career in marine zoology.

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MARINE BIOLOGY: advanced level 3

Ruth Searle PhD

Marine Biology is the study of marine organisms, their behaviours and interactions with the environment.

This 6 module Marine Biology course has been specifically designed for those interested in working or volunteering in the many different areas of marine biology.

The course explores the ocean as a habitat and the fascinating diversity of animals that live in the marine environment.

Students will gain an understanding of oceanography as well as the important areas of the sea such as tropical coral reefs, mangroves, the polar regions, shores, estuaries and the deep sea.

This course also investigates the threats that impact the oceans and how we can preserve the ocean as an important habitat.

Anyone 18 or over and studying the Marine Biology Diploma Course is eligible for ZSL (Zoological Society of London) Fellowship.

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Diet and Nutrition: advanced course

Grace Butters

This course has been designed to educate students about all aspects of weight management and weight reduction. The qualification takes a scientific approach, allowing students to discover the physiological and evolutionary theories behind weight loss in humans. Students will assess how factors such as stress, genetics and exercise affect our ability to shed unwanted weight.

On top of this, students will study the carbohydrate hypothesis, the role of insulin and debunk medical myths that surround weight loss. They will also analyse and discuss current scientific reasoning behind obesity and weight loss. Spread over 12 engaging modules, this home study course is the perfect way to get ahead in the field of nutrition.

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