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His daughter's dead,his wife's gone missing and there's a serial killer on the run. Daniel Kendrick must face the truth - and there's no place to hide...



Ruth Searle

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 Recommended by Love Reading

Exceptionally well written and researched – a proper page turner and one of the best books I have read in a long time.’ Love Reading; the UK’s leading book recommendation websites.

"That ending, though! Am I right?!"

"A gem in the theme of British thrillers."

"Written by someone who knows altered persona."

"Can’t wait for the next one!"

"Unexpected twists and turns."

"Quite a bit of gore and a bit of a twist"

"Wonderful real characters you can believe in."

"Fast pace and nicely balanced."

"The plot is cleverly woven."

"Classic British thriller."

"A satisfying ending."

"Look forward to the second installment."

"Can’t wait to read the next book from this author!"

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Kindle and paperback

Struggling to come to terms with his daughter’s murder and on the verge of losing both his career and his marriage, surgeon, Daniel Kendrick realises his wife, a forensic psychiatrist has gone missing amid death threats and blood spattered at her clinic.

When he is wrongly suspected of her disappearance, and with a serial killer on the run near their home town, he is forced to begin his own investigation and is drawn into the world of her patients – criminals, murderers and psychopaths.

But when he discovers a dark secret, he is forced to confront his inner demons and finds himself in a desperate race against time to find his wife before a dangerous killer closes in on her.

An intense, emotional glimpse into the dark side of the mind…


A murdered woman reincarnates to avenge her killer. A psychological thriller – life, death and what lies beyond

"SUPERB read"

"Expect the amazing!"

"Flawless, just flawless"

"Exceptional and Gripping!"

"Hooked from start to finish"

"Much More Than A Psychological Thriller"

"Intense and unpredictable!"

"A "biting your nails" type of thriller!"

"An intriguing, mysterious, must read book!"

"Vivid imagery, detailed storytelling"

"Compelling across dimensions"

"A well written, compelling and tense thriller"

"A masterclass in thrills!"

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Kindle and paperback

Reverend Lucas Wheelan is a killer – complex, disturbed and driven by deception, anger and ultimately; fear. Wheelan lost his faith a long time ago and is spiralling ever further into the dark emptiness of his psyche.

But the dead don’t rest.

Even death cannot prevent his murder victim, Helen, from tracking him down to exact her revenge.

Death becomes the veil of reincarnation and new life as Jenny Barrett, a theatre and intensive care nurse…

Stalked by snippets of terrifying memories, Jenny is forced to confront her previous life. But as she puts together the last pieces of the jigsaw and starts closing in on her murderer, there is a mind-bending twist...

Will she fulfil her quest for retribution?

Dramatic, intriguing and laced with hospital drama – Oliver Rixon takes us on a thrill ride of murder, betrayal, retribution and transformation…


Oliver Rixon

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"Shockingly dramatic"

"Sucks you in from page one"

"No ordinary thriller"

"Emotive and insightful"

"Hooked from start to finish"

"Vivid imaginary"

"A truly unpredictable read"

"Makes your hair stand up!"

"This is what happens when your murder victim comes back to seek revenge for their death"

"Didn't want it to end..."

"Intense plot, fascinating character development"

"Vivid descriptions still in my mind"

"Not your average killer"

"Crisp prose and original twist on the thriller genre"

"This is one of those novels that starts off with a bang, and maintains that kind of fast pace throughout"

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